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Meet Our (In)Famous Boss

Dear Reader,

The Wire

Meet Stringer Bell, the business-minded second-in-command of the fictional Barksdale drug empire on HBO’s The Wire.

You definitely want to stay on his good side.

Stringer Bell (played by Idris Elba) was a brutal enforcer of Barksdale’s punishments. But like all great characters, there were many facets to Stringer’s personality. In his ‘spare’ time, he studied economics at Baltimore City Community College and buys real estate (illegally, but who’s counting?)

In Season 3, Stringer sets up a print shop called Copy Cat Printing. Part of the groundbreaking nature of The Wire was how true the script remained to real-life Baltimore. No other TV show was like that, and none, probably ever will be.


Copy Cat Printing does indeed exist on Charles Street, and it’s been around for over 40 years. And while you won’t find Stringer Bell behind the counter these days (we won’t give away the plot), you can watch this YouTube clip as Stringer complains about incorrect paper delivery with one of his employees. He then waits on ‘customer’ Jimmy McNulty, a Baltimore City detective, played by Dominic West.

Have You Worked With Copy Cat Lately?


Hi, I’m Tom Fincham, the real manager of Copy Cat Printing. I’ve never been featured on The Wire, but I’m alright with that.

I’ve lived in Baltimore all of my life, and I was pretty excited when I had the chance to run the business here at Copy Cat. For years I had seen its sign on top of the building in Baltimore’s Station North neighborhood.

And, of course, I love watching The Wire.

So consider this my way of giving back to our city: by making our latest technology available to everyone, at a low cost, and in a super-easy to use manner.

Just What Is This Technology?


Just in time for the holidays – we’ve introduced an online T-Shirt Designer that lets you turn your favorite images into a piece of wearable art, from the comfort of your home computer!

If you have a treasured photo, or an image of your favorite band, a company logo you want to proudly display, or even a favorite saying…

You can turn all of these things into a piece of wearable art, by creating a custom, full color T-shirt.

This system is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Simply Log On to our Website

1) Select the type of T-shirt you want,
2) Upload your artwork
3) Customize the colors and lettering.

And that’s it!

Myself, or a member of Copy Cat’s experienced staff, will be with you each step of the way to make sure that your T-shirt design is one you’ll be completely happy with.

That’s because when you work with Copy Cat, you get the exceptional, top-notch customer service that we’ve been famous for the last 44 years.

So if you need to make changes, or things don’t look ‘quite right,’ – you’re not alone; we’re here to help you.

There’s no guesswork, no setup fees, and if it doesn’t look right, you can do it all again – for free!

How Is This Possible?

Meet the Anajet Garment Printer, one of the fastest and most durable T-shirt printers on the market today.


Its patented ink technology ensures beautiful, full-color T-shirt designs – and its inks are safe for the environment.

This piece of machinery can create full-color images on both light and dark T-shirts.

Copy Cat Printing uses it for its consistently high quality and super quick turnaround.

We’re talking 24 hours fast!

Just How Customized?

Say you were designing jerseys for a little league team. Using Copy Cat’s Online T-Shirt Designer, each jersey could have different names or numbers on the back.

Just how high-quality are Copy Cat’s T-shirts?

The incredibly soft fabric is made of 100% cotton. Plus you can choose from more than two-dozen colored shirts, even ones with multicolored backgrounds, to print your design on.

You can design many dozen T-shirts, or as few as one.

And you have our promise: no matter the size of your job, we’ll give you our very best personal attention.

Copy Cat Printing: Quintessential Baltimore For More Than Four Decades


Founded in 1969, Copy Cat Printing was one of America’s first ‘quick printing’ businesses. Using smaller printing presses, Copy Cat had faster delivery times than larger commercial presses, and this service became wildly popular. For the first time, customers could literally wait in the store for their ‘quick copies.’

Today, Copy Cat Printing is owned by Paula Fargo, a successful entrepreneur with other businesses in the city. Copy Cat is a city and state certified Minority and Women Business (MWBE). Copy Cat is truly a family, with many on our staff working here for over 20 years. Copy Cat’s hands-on team prefers working with our customers personally and can help you find the best products for any budget.

Some of Baltimore’s biggest institutions turn to Copy Cat for their printing needs. We’re the official printer for the University of Baltimore, providing on-campus printing and copying services for nearly a decade.

Our other clients include educational institutions like Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore City Community College; government contractors; many members of the Baltimore business community; nonprofits; and small local businesses.

We are firmly committed to our Baltimore community by keeping all of our printing operations in-house. And we are involved in charitable endeavors by donating to local schools like Roland Park Elementary and the SEED Charter School.

Our four decades of experience have allowed us nearly unparalleled knowledge of the printing and promotional products industry, so we can offer suggestions for budgets of any size – and ensure that you get even more business.

And with our pick up and delivery services, you don’t even need to leave your desk to get your job done right!

That’s right. Place an order with Copy Cat, and you can have it delivered to you, often the very next day!

Buy Local, Help Baltimore


When you work with Copy Cat, not only can you enjoy the benefits of same- or next-day turnaround, pickup and delivery, you’re doing something more:

You’re supporting our city.

Your files aren’t being outsourced across the globe; all of our production work is done right here at our Baltimore print center.

You know exactly what you’re getting and we’ll even send you a proof of your order to review before it goes to print.

Our top-notch quality control procedures ensure all products leave our door looking exactly as they should.

And with pick up and delivery services from our own famous Earl Baltimore, you don’t even need to leave your desk to get your job done right!

That’s right. Place an order with Copy Cat, and you can have it delivered to you, often the very next day!

How Does The Online T-Shirt Designer Work?

Simply visit the Design Studio on the Copy Cat Printing Website.

1. Select the type of product you would like to design on


For example, choose “T-Shirt” if you would like to design a T-Shirt. We carry men’s, women’s and children’s styles.

2. Upload Your Image


3. Customize it by adding text and colors – we have an array of over 25 colored T-shirts to choose from.

And that’s it!

Soon after you place your order, you’ll get a call from Tom, Deb, Janelle, Lisa or any one of our Copy Cat staff. They’ll make sure the files you uploaded will print correctly on our T-Shirt printer.

After ensuring that the files look great, they’ll even send you a proof of your T-shirt so you can have one final look.

What other online printer does that? I mean, really!

Our Online T-Shirt Designer isn’t just for T-shirts. You can design your own hats, tote bags, towels, bibs, onesies – you name it, we can print on it!

So, how much does it cost? I’m sure you’re asking.

Well, everything we just talked about is completely free!

By working with Copy Cat, you won’t have to pay screen charges, there are no set-up fees, and you can print any photo graphic or design from 1-color to full color for the same price.

When you’re completely satisfied with your proof, you can select from the following quantities.

standard orders

So you see, the more you buy, the more you save.

But you don’t have to buy in bulk to get a great value.

Because that’s the Copy Cat difference – we treat all of our customers like they’re our best customers. We offer the same level of service for all buying levels. We just wouldn’t do it any differently.

See for yourself the Copy Cat difference by trying out our Online T-Shirt Designer for yourself right now.

No other Baltimore printer is doing what we’re doing with our T-shirt customization. With our Online T-Shirt Designer, you have the ability to put a different name and/or number on each T-shirt in your order.

You can print many dozen T-shirts, or as few as one.

Best of all, you get the hands-on assistance from our team of experienced staff members.

You’ll even get to review a proof of your order before the printing starts. And you can make any changes you need to make, before printing, absolutely free!

Copy Cat is local and we’re fast – plus we offer pickup and delivery.

There are no hidden costs.

You’ll never be ‘in the dark’ about what your T-shirt will look like.

And you’ll have all the tools the pros use – but you can use them yourself, for whatever T-shirt style you like!

Our 100% Guarantee


And if, for some reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your T-shirt order, simply call us up or come into the store and tell us what’s up.

We guarantee that we will work with you to resolve the issue so you leave 100% satisfied.

Why? We treat our customers just like we want to be treated, and we want to be sure that every customer we meet is a customer we keep.

That’s the Copy Cat Printing promise.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Imagine creating jerseys for your child’s little league baseball team, T-shirts for your next company outing or a keepsake to celebrate a family reunion.

You can turn a favorite photo into a lasting expression of your personal style.

You can create many dozen T-shirts, or as few as one!

Try Our Online T-Shirt Designer now, and see for yourself how easy it can be to design your own, full-color T-Shirt!


Tom Fincham
Manager, Copy Cat Printing

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