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Secrets of a 3-Minute Holiday Shopping Superstar

Dear Reader,

Ah, the beginning of another holiday shopping season. At the first jingle of your favorite Christmas song, panic starts to set in:

What am I going to get my sister-in-law? My son’s 3rd grade teacher?
The secretary at work who bought me something last year?
Yes, what should you give them? You wonder. The choices seem endless, until you get to thinking… there’s a lot of really bad gift ideas out there!

Bad Gift #1: Gift Cards

Gift Cards


Gift Cards are super convenient – you could pick up a few the next time you buy milk. All the major restaurants and retailers sell them. Plus, it’s one gift that basically comes wrapped. But…

People often forget they have them. Did you know every year $5 billion in gift cards goes unspent? And you can never be too sure about purchasing a gift card – for instance, what if you bought a Starbucks card for your coworker, but she actually hates coffee? The last thing you’d want to do is give people the impression you didn’t spend any time thinking about them…

Bad Gift #2 High-Tech Gadgets


Sure, everyone wants the latest High-Tech Gadget, from laptops to video game consoles, smartphones and digital cameras. Buy one for someone you love, and you may appear to be the coolest gifter in town.

But high tech is code for ‘headache.’ When was the last time you bought an electronic device and didn’t have to pay extra for the warranty, the extra applications, games or countless other add ons? It adds up…

Bad Gift #3: Food


It’s baaaaaack. Just don’t eat it!

You might find this surprising, but most Americans don’t want to receive food as a holiday present. Think about it: they’ve spent months at the gym, sweating away on the treadmill to lose a few extra pounds so they can enjoy their Thanksgiving or Christmas meals. They have carefully counted out their calories. They don’t want any more.

But then you come along with a dense, overly sweet treat, and their best-laid plans go out the window.

Bye bye cute, sparkly holiday dress! Hello sweatpants.
Some even view the gift of sweets as a sinister way to sabotage their diets. “I’ve been working so hard to lose weight, and then you give me a tub of candy,” one woman complained. “It’s like you want me to fail.” Yikes!

So while you’re shopping for this year’s perfect present, stay away from the baking aisle. And far, far away from the fruitcake. According to the Huffington Post, fruitcake is easily the most hated cake of all the desserts. The radioactive-colored candied fruit on top is just one reason. The fact that people are still nibbling on cakes made back in 1878 is another.

Bad Gift #4: Bath Products

Bath Products

How about Candles, Potpourri or Bath Salts? They’ll smell you a mile away at the holiday party, that’s for sure!

Picking that perfect holiday gift can be a difficult and downright stressful task. Give the wrong thing, and you could seriously damage a friendship. And who wants to spend the next few years living down a reputation as a bad gift-giver?

Secrets From A 3-Minute
Holiday Shopping Superstar


Hi, I’m Tom Fincham, manager of Copy Cat Printing. Some people call me a Holiday Shopping Superstar, because I give consistently awesome gifts that take me less than 3 minutes to buy – and I buy them from the comfort of my own computer.

Here’s a startling fact:

According to Consumer Reports, the average consumer will spend 23 hours holiday shopping this season.

Broken down, that’s:

  • 15 hours picking out gifts
  • 4 hours standing in line to purchase them
  • 3 hours wrapping them
  • And then 1 hour returning the gifts they didn’t want!

That’s right: 37% of all holiday gifts will be returned.

So why on earth are you wasting your time agonizing at the mall over finding that perfect gift when you have a 1 in 3 chance it’ll get returned?

Why not give a meaningful gift, a personalized gift that will literally take you 3 minutes to select, and you can do it from the comfort of your home?

Introducing The Perfect Holiday Gift!


Our super-soft, customizable T-Shirts make the perfect holiday gift. If you have a photo of your baby niece, an image of your best friend’s favorite band, or a special inspirational saying for your Mom or Dad…

You can turn all of these things into a piece of wearable art, by creating a custom, full color T-shirt using our Online T-Shirt Designer!

This system is as easy to use as 1, 2, 3 – it literally takes me 3 minutes to create a design.

And the remaining time I can spend doing better things than waiting in line.

Giving a personalized T-shirt will make you the Hero of your next Holiday Office Party. ‘How’d you do that?’ your friends will ask when they see it!

And when they put on their super-soft, 100% cotton T-shirt, they’ll tell you it’s a gift they’ll keep and wear for years to come.

Just imagine: No more sifting through racks of sale items in the store.

No more riding in circles around the mall parking lot waiting for a spot.

And no more worrying that your gift will be returned.

There are no ‘hidden fees’ or setup charges to use our Online T-Shirt Designer. It couldn’t be easier.

Plus, when you use our online T-Shirt Designer, you have a team of experts at Copy Cat Printing right here to help you, absolutely free!

You Wouldn’t Expect Less From
Baltimore’s Most Trusted Printer!

Copy Cat is known as Baltimore’s ‘go-to’ printer when you need a job done quickly.

Happy Customer

We take pride in delivering a job and hearing “You rescued us again!” from our clients. We love seeing the relief on someone’s face when he comes in with a last-minute project and knows, without a doubt, that we will make it happen for him.

Not only will Copy Cat meet your expectations, we’ll exceed your wildest dreams to get the job done right.

You think I’m kidding? Allow me to introduce the rest of my staff:


Manager Deb Wilkinson has been with Copy Cat since the 90’s. Through unmatched attention to detail and response time, Deb gets your job done – no matter what’s going on outside!

Deb once received a late-night phone call that a man had been shot in front of one of the Copy Cat locations at that time. The man was taken to the hospital and, thankfully, he turned out to be okay. But some of the shots fired went through the glass front of the building and exterminated the copier. “We buried the equipment, but we were business as usual the next day!” she says.

Let Deb Help Make Your T-Shirt Designs Come to Life!


Delivery and Bindery Expert Earl Baltimore has been with Copy Cat for more than 20 years. He knows the city like the back of his hand. With Earl on your side, you don’t ever have to worry about getting your job to its final destination.

One elderly client of Copy Cat had locked her keys out of her car, so Earl drove her to her house in Frederick to get her spare key!

Another time, Earl helped a religious group at a conference at the Convention Center meet their printing deadline. They needed more than a million copies – quickly. So Earl brought the copiers down to the Convention Center and worked, 24/7, to get the job done right. The group sent him a plaque as their way of saying ‘thanks!’

Let Earl Deliver Your T-Shirts To You Fast!


Nothing stops Expert Printer Lisa Tasker from meeting her deadlines.

She once got stuck in an elevator while delivering a job on University of Baltimore’s campus with a tight deadline.

“I called from my cell to make sure the client knew I was on the elevator with the delivery and would be there as soon as the fire department showed up!”

Let Deb, Earl and Lisa’s speedy skills help you meet your next deadline!

Copy Cat Printing: Quintessential Baltimore For More Than Four Decades

“There are entirely too many companies that boast about their excellent products/services and stellar customer care, but always fail to deliver. The Copy Cat Printing website advertises itself to be “Super Fast, Super Friendly”, which is exactly what we were looking for when we needed last minute blueprint copies. It was so refreshing to hear a friendly, welcoming voice answer the phone when I called and even more refreshing when my order was ready within just a few hours of dropping it off.”

Some of Baltimore’s biggest institutions turn to Copy Cat for their printing needs. We’re the official printer for the University of Baltimore, providing on-campus printing and copying services for nearly a decade.

Our other clients include educational institutions like Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore City Community College; government contractors; many members of the Baltimore business community; nonprofits; and small local businesses.

We are firmly committed to our Baltimore community by keeping all of our printing operations in-house. And we are involved in charitable endeavors by donating to local schools like Roland Park Elementary and the SEED Charter School.

“You are definitely a miracle worker!!! Thanks a bunch for this effort. You did a fantastic job getting it pushed through!”
– G.D., Webb Mason

Our four decades of experience have allowed us nearly unparalleled knowledge of the printing and promotional products industry, so we can offer suggestions for budgets of any size – and ensure that you get even more business.

And with our pick up and delivery services, you don’t even need to leave your desk to get your job done right!

That’s right. Place an order with Copy Cat, and you can have it delivered to you, often the same or next day!

Buy Local, Help Baltimore

“The services were excellent and they came through in flying colors on a major rush order. Thanks, it was a pleasure working with you.”

When you work with Copy Cat, not only can you enjoy the benefits of same- or next-day turnaround, pickup and delivery, you’re doing something more:

You’re supporting our city.

Your files aren’t being outsourced across the globe; all of our production work is done right here at our Baltimore print center, produced by tax paying Baltimore residents.

You know exactly what you’re getting and we’ll even send you a proof of your order to review before it goes to print.

Our top-notch quality control procedures ensure all products leave our door looking exactly as they should.

We wouldn’t do it any other way.

So How Does The
Online T-Shirt Designer Work?

Simply visit the Design Studio on the Copy Cat Printing Website.

1. Select the type of product you would like to design on



For example, choose “T-Shirt” if you would like to design a T-Shirt. We carry men’s, women’s and children’s styles.

2. Upload Your Image



3. Customize it by adding text and colors – we have an array of over 25 colored
T-shirts to choose from.

And that’s it!

Soon after you place your order, you’ll get a call from me, Deb, Janelle, Lisa or any one of our Copy Cat staff. We’ll make sure the files you uploaded will print correctly on our T-Shirt printer.

After ensuring that the files look great, we’ll even send you a proof of your T-shirt so you can have one final look.

What other online printer does that? I mean, really!

Our Online T-Shirt Designer isn’t just for T-shirts. You can design your own hats, tote bags, towels, bibs, onesies – you name it, we can print on it!

So, how much does it cost? I’m sure you’re asking.

Well, everything we just talked about is completely free!

By working with Copy Cat, you won’t have to pay screen charges, there are no set-up fees, and you can print any photo graphic or design from 1-color to full color for the same price.

When you’re completely satisfied with your proof, you only pay for the printed apparel. Our T-shirts cost as little as $25 for ordering just one!



See for yourself the Copy Cat difference by trying out our Online T-Shirt Designer for yourself right now.

No other Baltimore printer is doing what we’re doing with our T-shirt customization.

It takes 30 seconds to use our T-Shirt Designer, and the results are simply beautiful.

“Copy Cat ALWAYS provides exceptional service and top-notch work!!!”
– M.S., Roland Park Public School

Best of all, you can also get hands-on assistance from our team of experienced staff members.

You’ll even get to review a proof of your order before the printing starts. And you can make any changes you need to make, before printing, absolutely free!

Copy Cat is local and we’re fast – plus we offer pickup and delivery.

There are no hidden costs.

You’ll never be ‘in the dark’ about what your T-shirt will look like.

And you’ll have all the tools the pros use – but you can use them yourself, for whatever T-shirt style you like!

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee


And if, for some reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your T-shirt, simply call us up or come into the store and tell us what’s up.

We guarantee that we will work with you to resolve the issue so you leave 100% satisfied.

Why? We treat our customers just like we want to be treated, and we want to be sure that every customer we meet is a customer we keep.

That’s the Copy Cat Printing promise.



So What Are You Waiting For?

The holiday shopping season has already begun. But it doesn’t have to be stressful.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this:

  • No more sifting through racks of sale items in the store
  • No need to ride in circles around the mall parking lot waiting for a spot
  • And no worrying that your gift will be returned.

There are no ‘hidden fees’ or setup charges to use our Online T-Shirt Designer.

Plus, you have a team of experts at Copy Cat Printing right here to help you, absolutely free!

It couldn’t be easier.

Try Our Online T-Shirt Designer now, and see for yourself how easy it can be to design your own, full-color T-Shirt!


Tom Fincham

Manager, Copy Cat Printing


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