About Laura

Executive Director Laura Rodini loves and lives in Baltimore. Her online marketing business, Paisley Green, LLC, works with some of the best-known nonprofits in the area, such as The Baltimore Basilica, The Maryland Historical Society, and Downtown Partnership of Baltimore. Before joining The Mount Vernon Cultural District, Laura was Executive Director of The Historic Charles Street Association.

With nearly a decade of Direct Marketing experience, Laura has worked at the forefront of the online marketing and Social Media worlds. Businesses, Nonprofits and Boards of Directors seek out her services to explain how to harness and monetize the power of the Internet for their organizations. Laura’s strategic marketing and public relations services enable clients to get press, grow readership, and build ‘buzz’ like never before.

Laura started Paisley Green, LLC, in 2011.

“Baltimore is a city that participates,” she says, “I’ve lived all over, but I’ve never felt like I ‘belonged’ anywhere before I moved to Baltimore. I understand where the nickname Charm City comes from. I’m proud to represent The Mount Vernon Cultural District and bring new audiences to our wonderful area.”

For more information, visit www.paisleygreen.com.




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